Saturday, August 27, 2011

How We Met

Steve and I first met back in 2007. Our stake was going on the Pioneer Trek reenactment and we were in the same family. I pretty much liked Steve from the moment I first met him, minus maybe a couple days on the actual Trek across Wyoming, but Steve only saw me as a punk teenager. After Trek, Steve got me a job at 5 Buck Pizza, where we worked with each other for a year before he left on his mission South Africa. While He was in South Africa, we wrote back and forth and our friendship continued to grow. When He got home, He wasn’t even home for 24 hours before we went out on our first date. Right before He left, He somehow lost a bet with me and He had to take me to Firehouse, that was the plan for our date, but I had an idea that if I decided we should go to CafĂ© Rio instead I would be able to go out with Him again.

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